Teacher Workshops

Region 4 will be hosting multiple workshops for teachers and children.  Teachers will earn CPE credit.  Find out more about the workshops at  the Region 4 Makers Page.


TEXLug & LEGO® bricks

TEXLug is a local LEGO® bricks Houston group with an assortment of creations. They will have live workshops for children to learn how to build. Find out more at the TEXLug Maker Page


Puzzometry is a local Houston startup with an assortment of laser-cut acrylic puzzles. Find out more at the Puzzometry Maker Page


Make Your Own Soap

Learn how to make a bar of soap using a glycerin base you can easily melt and pour. Find out more at the Make Your Own Soap Maker Page
Make Your Own Soap and Nail Polish

MaKr U Bus

A mobile makerspace bus with filled with dreams, designs, building and creativity. Find out more at the MaKr U Bus Maker Page
MaKr U Bus

Youth Hackathon

We will have a hackathon event for students. Sign up to participate at the Hackathon Interest Form