My name is Seth and, I Have worked in the software industry for 20 years. Left after 10 to build concrete public skateparks. Driven by idealism and convictions on the need for quality, permanent skating facilities available to youth across the country. Designed and built skate parks throughout the United States for 4 years, then returned to software industry in 2010 to start a family and stay home in Austin, Texas.

Building concrete public skateparks was a put-up or shut-up moment for me. I had theoretical knowledge of the process, but starting a company and putting my house on the line as collateral was a trial-by-fire experience where I had to learn by doing several trades- earth moving, rudimentary engineering, concrete placement and finishing, and welding. Lots of welding and other metal work.

I continue now as a hobbyist welder / metalworker. Through my experience building concrete public skateparks, I still believe any outdoor construction should be concrete and metal. In terms of what matters, (durability and design freedom) it cannot be beaten by wood.


I attended the first two Maker Faires held in Austin, which were the first to be produced outside the Bay Area. Then, when Austin hosted mini-Maker Faires, I also attended each year and eventually began competing in the Power Tool Drag Racing competition last year with a vehicle I fabricated with my son. This year, I produced the Power Tool Drag Racing exhibit with my collection of components that supported attendees building and racing their own dragsters onsite.



At Maker Faire This year I will provide the equipment and components for the Power Tool Drag Racing exhibit. This is a hands-on experience for attendees to design and assemble their own power tool dragsters from pre-built components, then race them on a straight track. The exhibit encourages people to think about repurposing materials into exciting applications.

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