My name is Wanjun Zhang and I’m a cofounder of Code Park Houston. Code Park is a non-profit that specifically focuses on students from the underserved area and expose kids of all ages to the world of computer science, digital making, and technology. The Code Park founders and volunteers insight and background in data science, makerspace education, web development, entrepreneurship allow us to build a dream pipeline of diverse technology workers in Houston.


My story started when as part of the Houston Public Library Community engagement team, I helped bring technology and library experiences to those in Houston who can’t make it to the library. I had the opportunity to teach everyone a ged 5 to 99! It was through that experience that I found a passion for teaching. It was also eye-opening that something I had taken for granted growing up – the ability to use a computer not something everyone can do. There is a serious gap for technology education in Houston.


I am also very active in the makers community where I combine my love of teaching and making through writing Instructables, on everything from how to make a leather plant hanger to woodturning a dip pen to heat forming 3D printed wristbands! Check them out here!  


In the past, I have worked with the Houston Community to provide Raspberry Jams.

Last year, we hosted a Squishy Circuit workshop, where we taught Maker Faire attendees the basics of circuit building, using conductive and non-conductive dough.


At Maker Faire this year we will:

  1. We will throw a Maker Faire sized Raspberry Jam!  
  2. Code Park and our mentor team will help students on answering the question: How might we improve our community with the makers movement?
  3. Join us to form teams and tackle technical challenges, pitch an idea, frame a problem, and effectively collaborate with team members.
  4. Our mentors will help attendees learn about using the Raspberry Pi learning platform and effectively ideate a solution in a collaborative and engaging environment.
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