My name is Ian McMahon and my vision for combat robots in Texas is to see to it that it doesn’t die out again. The backstory on that is that I started competing with the Southwestern  Alliance for Robotic Combat in the Dallas area around 2003. This was the only competition and club offering combat robots in the state of Texas. In 2007, SWARC had its last event due to loss of venue for our 24 ft x 24 ft arena which was rated for 120 lb bots. It wasn’t until 2017 following the reboot of BattleBots that some of the old-timers got together and decided to sink time and money into starting Dallas Area Robot Combat. I remembered the past and began physical outreach efforts to expand the community in an attempt to diversify our events to prevent another complete shutdown of combat robots in Texas should the Dallas group cease to exist.

At Austin Maker Faire, I brought my small arena and had demo bots for attendees to drive. This is an outreach effort to expand the hobby/sport.

Last year at Houston Maker Faire, I organized a small competition on Saturday and had attendee demos on Sunday.

This year will be a bit different from last year and quite different from what I do at Austin Maker Faire. There will be a small competition consisting of 10-20 bots across four weight classes. We will have 30 lb robots doing open air fights and 150 gram to 3lb bots fighting inside of sealed arenas to allow full combat with spinners.  The addition of the 30lb class will make this event have the heaviest fighting bots within 800 miles (Atlanta). This expansion in our offerings is due to generosity and support from Innovation Spark and DiscoBots.

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