Hello, I’m Jim Fox, the inventor, the proprietor and the face of Puzzometry.  During the day, I’m a full-time electrical engineer…after work, I’m a tinkerer, a creator and a Maker!

Although the very first prototype was actually made a few years earlier, Puzzometry came to life in late 2014 when I launched the Puzzometry Kickstarter campaign.  The Kickstarter project was successfully funded at $21,447 with 592 backers from over 20 countries.

What is your company’s vision?

Puzzometry was born as a project to teach me how to take a new concept from the very beginning all the way to getting it patented, trademarked and on the market.  It was basically a big experiment!  If the product actually sold and made much of profit was almost secondary to my initial goals.  Fortunately, though, Puzzometry has turned out to be very successful and profitabe.even though it’s never been more than a part-time, side-hustle for me.

What started out as a single prototype (several revisions, of course, but just one basic design) has grown into a product line of 4 different puzzles in the Puzzometry family:  Puzzometry (original), Puzzometry Squares, Puzzometry Jr and the newest addition, Puzzometry Hex.  I still have many of the early prototypes (from 2012-2014)…some of them, you may not even recognize as being a part of the Puzzometry lineage.

Due to time constraints, the only places that I currently sell Puzzometry are:  Houston Maker Faire, Comicpalooza, on the www.puzzometry.com webpage and also, at a small gift store near my home in League City, TX.

I’ve been very successful at getting thousands of Puzzometry puzzles in the hands of happy customers over the years, but I’ve learned that there is a much, much bigger market for Puzzometry than what I’ve been able to find time for.

So, where does Puzzometry go from here?  Ideally, I’d like to find someone (preferably an existing toy/puzzle manufacturer) to license the products from me and take over the production, distribution and sales of Puzzometry.  If anyone out there is interested in this, please get in touch with me!    

If I could get someone else to take over Puzzometry, that would leave me time to explore a few other projects that I’d like to bring to life.  Perhaps some of those projects can be as successful as Puzzometry has become.

What will you do at the Maker Faire this year?

We will have tons and tons of puzzles available for playing (and buying) at Maker Faire.  We always draw a big crowd.  We’ve learned over the years that after exploring all of the cool things at the Maker Faire all day, people like to have a place to sit and relax.  As a result, we’ve got about 20 or so stools surrounding our booth that allow people to get off of their feet for a while to sit, relax and play with, and hopefully buy, our (nearly) impossible puzzles!

What have you done at the Maker Faire the past few years?

Puzzometry is proud to have been one of the original Makers at the Houston Maker Faire.  Puzzometry has been to each and every one of the events, starting with the very first one held at the Stafford Center in 2014.

I have been a mentor for area FIRST Robotics teams for nearly 20 years now.   That experience has been amazing!  FIRST Robotics is a super-effective way to get high school students exposed to real-world engineering and problem solving.  Building on the experience of FIRST, I’ve used Puzzometry as a way to get some of the FIRST Robotics students even more real-world experience with sales, marketing and talking with customers.  I nearly always have a FIRST Robotics student helping me work the Puzzometry booth at Maker Faire.

You can contact me or find out more about Puzzometry at:   www.Puzzometry.com



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