Robots at the Maker Faire

Tickets to the Houston Maker Faire are now available on Tickets! We’re back at the George R. Brown Convention Center, and we’re growing to be a 2-day event — so you can attend on Saturday 10/13 and/or Sunday 10/14 (See info on discounts below.)

This is going to be our best Maker Faire ever as we continue to be the leading showcase of human ingenuity and creativity plus a fascinating window into emerging technology-driven capabilities. There are learning opportunities in abundance for people of all ages and backgrounds, and even more hands-on activities too. So, whether you like traditional crafts or the latest high-tech demos, Houston Maker Faire is the place to be! Check out our new topic focus areas that we will devote large sections of the exhibition too:

  • Cool Tech: a broad high-impact display of the latest tech you’re hearing about. Examples include VR, AR, Internet of Things(IoT), drones (UAVs), aerospace, gaming, big data, AI, robotics, etc. We’ll have Kickstarters, startups and inventions here too.
  • Living: medical technology, sustainability, food sourcing innovation, hydroponics, aquaponics, bio science, DIY bio, tiny homes, alternative housing, green homes, custom CNC home accessories, etc.
  • Cause Champions: for many community-cause situations, ideas + tech + do-it-yourself action = problem solved! We will provide a showcase where leaders of community causes can describe their challenges and invite action from creative, inventors and attendees to help make the world a better place.

Even at full price a family of 4 can attend 2 days of Houston Maker Faire for about the same cost as attending a movie (don’t forget the snacks…). But with our 51% advance purchase discount, it isn’t even close! Be sure to ask about our promotional codes when you order online. Do this soon, because this is a limited-time offer and only available to the first 500 buyers.

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